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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add an automatic pool cover to my existing in ground pool?

Yes. In most cases an automatic pool cover is easily adaptable. It would be a deck-mounted top track system. We can walk you through the process, survey your pool, & promptly implement your new system!

Will an automatic pool cover extend my swimming season?

Yes! An automatic pool cover helps maintain the heat in your pool so you can open earlier & close later without incurring high heating costs. Allowing you to have a longer swimming season in Northeast Ohio.

Can I walk on my cover?

Your cover is meant as a safety cover. It can withstand a great deal of weight, including the weight off several people. Although this should be in as a safety measure, not a common practice.

Can my automatic cover be used as a winter cover?

Yes. It may be used as your winter cover. Your water level must be up throughout the winter to help support excess weight of snow and ice, so you will need to occasionally check your water level throughout the winter. Also, like in the warm months, if the temperature is above freezing, you should leave the cover pump on to remove excess water. Remove the pump when temperatures turn to freezing, or it is snowing.

Is there anything I should know before running my cover?

Always have a knowledgeable adult operating the cover.
  • When Closing ...
             o  Always make sure people & children are clear of the pool.
             o  Remove all rafts, towels, & pool toys from the pool.
  • When Opening…
            o Make sure rain water, debris, toys & towels are off the cover.
            o That the water level is up. • Do not operate if weather is below 45 degrees.

How can I clean my cover?

You can clean your cover with Murphy’s Oil Soap & a brush, a section at a time. You can rinse with water & pump off soapy water with your cover pump.

My fabric has wrinkles & folds, is this normal?

Yes. Slack in your fabric is important. Fabrics must have slack to allow weight, such as rain water, snow, ice & debris, on you cover. Also, fabrics shrink over time.

Should I leave the cover pump on the cover at all times?

Your cover pump should be left on whenever you are not operating the cover & the weather permits. As long as the temperature is above freezing, you should leave the cover pump on to remove excess water. Remove the pump when temperatures turn to freezing or it is snowing. When snow or ice thaws, return you cover pump on top of your cover.

What is the popping noise I hear when I open and close the cover?

Sometimes ropes will make this popping noise when they pass through the different pulleys and onto the rope reel. This is normal and not an indication of trouble.

My cover seems out of alignment?

• A trained technician should make adjustments if your cover starts running out of alignment. Just give us a call at 330-659-6684 & we are happy to assist you.

• If your system or fabric is new, ropes do slightly stretch, so one side may stretch more quickly than the other & it even out on its own in a few weeks.

• To help ensure your fabric stays in alignment, it is best to run your cover completely one direction when you operate your cover, not opening only part way or stopping & starting. Allow the cover to run the entire length of the pool. This will help keep the ropes aligned & your system operating correctly.

When should my fabric be replaced?

There are a number of clues that you may be in need of a new fabric.

• Your fabric is taking on water from the pool.

• Noticing pinholes in your fabric. They may appear as white a “target sign” mark.

• White mineral deposits in the folds.

• Fabric is extremely brittle.

• Webbing, the fabric along the edges, is starting to tear, fray, ripple &/or snag when running.

What is the turnaround time from when I order a replacement fabric to installation?

Every fabric is custom made for your pool. Depending on the time of year and your system’s manufacturer, turnaround time can be from a week to three weeks. The average time is 10-14 days. May & June are the industries busiest season.

Is there any prep I need to do for a fabric replacement?

Your water level must be up. There must be power to your system. Water & debris removed off the cover. And the weather cooperate: rain free & above 50 degrees.